Walmart has some really dedicated trolls

We all remember the big joke the public played on Pitbull by sending him to Alaska as part of a promotion for Sheets brand Energy Strips, the melt in your mouth equivalent to Red bull.  The FDA is now investigating how safe caffeine is for children and to the point that Wriggly has suspended the sales of there Energy Gum.

Well that is not the story here. One year later, it appears that the trolls who sent Pittbull to Alaska in the first place are still trolling hard on Walmart’s Kodiak  Facebook page.  While some of the jokes are getting pretty lame, it really shows some dedication from the internet trolls. Take a peak and list some of your favorite posts in the comments



There is Kindness in Russia

It is not just Awesome Meteors and Machete Swinging Road Rage caught on Russia’s Dash Cams. There is kindness too. Very heart warming video and the music is just icing on the cake.


No solo son videos de Meteoritos Explotando o conductores atacando a otros con machetes que se logran grabar con los camaras de tablero (dash cam).  Tambien ahy compassion.  Muy tierno ver que en Russia, todavia ahy abuelitas que necesitan ayuda crusar la calle.  Y la musica lo ase completo a este video.

Nuclear Fusion at Scientific “Break-even” or Better in The Near Future

This breakthrough could be huge to solving our energy needs for the future.  As long as we can keep up the funding for these types of scientific experiments, we could (and need to) greatly decrease our dependency on fossil fuels.  From the Sandia Labs News Release

Magnetically imploded tubes called liners, intended to help produce controlled nuclear fusion at scientific “break-even” energies or better within the next few years, have functioned successfully in preliminary tests, according to a Sandia research paper accepted for publication by Physical Review Letters (PRL).

To exceed scientific break-even is the most hotly sought-after goal of fusion research, in which the energy released by a fusion reaction is greater than the energy put into it — an achievement that would have extraordinary energy and defense implications.

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) also sounds very promising with its anticipated 10 to 1 output/input ratio, but looks like we will have to wait 7 more years for that till 2019.  Lets not forget about the National Ignition Facilty either and here is hoping for igniting hydrogen fusion with high energy gain soon.



From the Sandia National Laboratories 

EV Motorcycle that acts like a car, will not tip over

I am not a fan of motorcycles due to the lack of protection in an accident.  I know this doesn’t add much, but it might be enough to one day convince me to buy one (once the price drops of course).  The gyro stability is an amazing technology, I wish they would elaborate a bit more on how it works.  Also heres hoping for climate control (A/C)  for those of us who live in the heat.

Tech Crunch Via Reddit

Capacitive Ink that can be read by touchscreen devices

I could totally get behind this technology.  I love the idea of being able to hand someone a business card or sales material that has been printed with capacitive ink.  All they have to do is press it up against there touchscreen device and my contact info is automatically stored or a promotional video starts playing.

The potential is huge for this technology. I believe this will be replacing QR codes very soon. I believe using this technology would allow any early adopter to clearly differentiate them selves from their competition as a leader and on the forefront of the most cutting edge technology.

Image  Image Image

Touchcode Via Gizmodo

Wood Nanocrystals Are Like Carbon FIber Only Lighter, Stronger, And Cheaper

I love the idea of using this material for the automotive industry. I wonder if it will “look” as cool as Carbon Fiber? Or, do we just think Carbon Fiber looks cool because we see it on race cars and other cool applications. Function over form. Now lets just stop it frim getting wet or catching on fire. Via